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Akme Encore


In sync into the third…
Following the reception accorded to Akme Harmony and Akme Ballet, it was but natural that there be an Encore. And this has duly come about…with interludes of Spain. Akme Encore is a symphony of design, space and colours, a world where music, dance and laughter come together for a celebration of life.

Diverse notes… in more ways than one.
It’s the fine blend of the classic from Spain in combination with contemporary design that makes Akme Encore more than a touch different. Stunning views resurrect a feel of the Spanish country life. From the very fine paved walkways to each adobe of solitude in the nine storey towers Akme Encore inspires a fresh breath to living and lifestyles.

The orchestration of imagination
Encore has been conceptualised with a heightened sense of creativity and foresight. You will sense harmony, as seen in the inter-twining of design in relation to space. Notice chords of balance in the choice of fixtures, the finishing and other features that combine seamlessly in perfect orchestration to meet your desires.

A symphony in design.
Akme Encore comprises of seven majestic towers, rhymed together with a sense of symmetry; and they are the very essence of the space. Poised and with graceful styling, each will give you the sense of regal bearing and the truly classic in look.

The mood, the settings.
Spread over 8 acres of land, Akme Encore comprises 243 two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses, set amidst a lavish country setting. Your life will become a celebration in a home that will truly be your universe.

The sense of the grand… the opus.
Akme Encore ensures that you have all the amenities that you could want. A clubhouse with a swimming pool, a health club with exclusive steam rooms and saunas, a gymnasium and a range of indoor and outdoor recreations are but some of the options arrayed at your disposal. Round the clock security, advanced fire safety and security systems, the latest in telecommunication and standby power facilities, dare to imagine and you will find it at Akme Encore.

A situational melody
Located in Bangalore, close to Brookefields, Whitefield, Akme Encore is situated in natural settings, for that sense of tranquil. Yet, it is close to the city, with the IT workspaces just a few miles away and in close proximity to the Outer Ring Road.

Akme Encore Site office & Model Apartment:
16/2, Kundanahalli Main Road,
Opp. Graphite India,
Brookefields, Bangalore - 560037.
Tel. : + 91 - (0) 80 - 28495110/13

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